Inspirational Speaking

Debra is an international speaker that inspires women and men to grow and expand into the greatest versions of themselves with joy & ease.

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Talks and Topics

Debra's new signature talk entitled "Transcending the Obvious: Creating Optimal Options" is a talk with a "big idea": there are always options that can be created beyond the lose-lose options of the patriarchy.  This is a hope-filled talk that will leave you inspired to develop a trusting relationship with your intuitive guidance in order to create right-fit options for yourself!

Debra's most popular leadership and personal development topics include:

  • Seven Potent Qualities to Cultivate for Business Success

  • The Courage to Leap

  • Core Essence Clarity

  • Head & Heart Decision-making: Making Powerful Choices

  • Mastering Doing and Being Energies

Speaking photo 2-20.jpg
Click here to see Debra's virtual talk entitled Seven Potent Qualities to Cultivate Business Success to the DAMES organization on 11/4/20.  
Interested in Having Debra Speak?

If you would like to speak with Debra about booking her as a speaker for your conference, group or association, please contact her via the Contact Page.  She would be delighted to discuss your needs.