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Courses & Speaking

Debra is an interactive workshop and course facilitator who inspires her audience to expand into the greatest versions of themselves

 with joy and ease.

Speaking photo 2-20.jpg
Speaking photo 2-20.jpg
Interested in having Debra facilitate an Interactive Workshop or Course for your Group?

There are many topics to choose from! Popular ones include:

  • Head & Heart Decisions: Making Powerful Choices!

  • Upleveling Your Intuitive Guidance Skills!

  • Doing & Being Energies: Mastering Both to Give You an Edge

  • Creating Your Essence Statement: Who are You at Your Core?

  • The Power of Your Beliefs

  • Simplifying Life: Decluttering Your Mind, Heart, and Space!

  • Seven Ways to Create a Joyful Life

  • Seven Ways to Create a Joyful Life!

If you would like to book Debra,
please contact her via the Contact Page.  She would be delighted to discuss how she can fulfill your needs.

"I not only found the 'Intuitive Guidance Skills for Coaches and Healers' helpful for myself but also helpful for insight into my clients' issues. I found the class to be a safe and comfortable place to explore and practice increasing my intuitive abilities. It was an absolute pleasure, and I am telling many others about the course!"
Linda V., Conflict Resolution Practitioner & Hypnotherapy Student

"During my time working with Debra, she not only helped me grow trust within myself so I could listen to my intuition and take action, but her insights and gifts brought an even higher level of clarity for me so that I could make more aligned decisions in my business and personal life. Debra's calming presence gave me a safe space to share and explore getting back in touch with my intuition. This is a gift I will carry with me forever! Thank you, Debra!"
Angelica G., Business Owner & Independent Educational Consultant

"Debra's Intuitive Guidance class was instrumental in improving my ability to connect with and trust my intuition. Debra's intuitive exercises are interesting and fun. And her intuition is amazing! I highly recommend her class for anyone seeking to uplevel their intuitive guidance skills. I'm look forward to taking more of Debra's courses!"
Ron M., Energy Healing Practitioner student


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