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Interactive Workshops & Speaking

Debra is an interactive workshop facilitator & speaker who inspires her audience to expand into the greatest versions of themselves

 with joy and ease.

Speaking photo 2-20.jpg
Speaking photo 2-20.jpg
Interested in Having Debra Facilitate
an Interactive Workshop or Speak
to your Group?

There are many topics to choose from! Popular ones include:

  • Using Your Intuitive Guidance to Make Powerful Choices!

  • Seeing Life Through the Lens of Many Options

  • Doing & Being Energies: Mastering Both to Give You an Edge

  • Creating Your Essence Statement: Who are You at Your Core?

  • Confidently Taking Leaps of Faith

  • The Power of Your Beliefs

  • Leading a Harmonious Life (for Real)

  • Accepting Change: The Power of Non-resistance

  • Simplifying Life: A Powerful Tool to Lighten Your Load

  • Being is Enough: Beyond Your Roles & Identities

  • Exquisite Self-Care: Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

If you would like to book Debra,
please contact her via the Contact Page.  She would be delighted to discuss
how she can fulfill your needs. 

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