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Collaborative Dreaming Retreats

for Innovative Leadership Teams!

  • Does your entrepreneurial or nonprofit leadership team want to create or revisit the company's Vision and Mission? 

  • Does your company need to expand to the next level and the leadership team is not sure what that looks like?

  • Does your Executive Team desire to gain clarity on and aligned with its values? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, explore Creativing's unique and innovative Collaborative Dreaming process.

 This Collaborative Dreaming process includes:

  • Each leadership team member completing a pre-retreat questionnaire that is summarized and presented on the first day of the retreat by seasoned facilitator Debra Valentina

  • A half-day to two-and-a-half day retreat, depending upon the team's agenda, in a location of the team's choosing. If desired, a beautiful retreat meeting room is available in San Diego, California. 

  • Team development activities can be designed with specific goals in mind.

  • Free time can be built in for integration and enjoyment.

Results: A written report to include:

  • Clear articulation of the company's new or revised Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Outline of the company's top priorities

  • List of next steps to accomplish the company's priorities

To inquire about creating your company's Collaborative Dreaming retreat, tailored to your needs, complete the Contact page form on this site. 

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"Collaborative Dreaming with Debra Valentina is a must for any team requiring focus and planning for their organization. After 10 years in business, we were ready to create a new plan and set up a timeframe for success. Debra took us through an accelerated coaching process. We came out the other side with our vision, mission, values, and a revised business plan. She asks the right questions and creates an open, safe forum for unlimited dreaming with just the right dose of practicality. Also, she makes it FUN!"

Rita F., Co-founding Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living Kauai 

"Our Collaborative Dreaming Retreat with Debra was a turning point for my team and me in solidifying our commitment to the firm's work and to each other. Debra really organized a thoughtful retreat. It led the team to enlightening conversations and pathways that are actionable and empowering."

Clarissa F., CEO, Political Consulting Firm

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