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 Life Transitions Coaching 

Do you want to...

Make an easeful and graceful life transition that creates what you most desire in life?


If yes,
then Creativing Coaching is for you!

Provides a structure and accountability for transformational and authentic success

Leaves you with clarity regarding your next specific action steps

Gives you a sense of expansion and liberation




Who is Creativing Coaching for?

Creativing is an effective coaching approach for female professionals who are experiencing a major life transition (change of entrepreneurial focus, career, relationship changes, retirement, etc.) and know they could benefit from working with a seasoned coach to make that transition faster and easier.   

The Creativing process was developed by Debra Valentina, a coaching trailblazer, who gently guides the release of fears and limiting beliefs to write that book inside you or to make life transitions be what you desire or even better than you had envisioned. 

Learn more about Debra here.

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The Creativing process involves five VITAL steps that will empower you to discover what ignites your Soul:

Visioning and creating your Essence Statement, 

a unique  process created by Debra Valentina

Initiating an exploration which builds on your innate wisdom

Taking the opportunity to investigate new and creative options

Allowing the next steps to emerge

Letting the new path manifest with ease

"I am grateful to Debra for the clarity and wisdom of her intuitive guidance. It was enormously helpful to me as we crafted a clear plan and path to move forward in my finances, career, and publishing my book. I am so appreciative to have Debra as a trusted guide."

Carrie S., University Professor and Writer


"Debra has a lighthearted and nurturing coaching style and she helped me to shine a light on my strengths as I co-created my desires with the Universe. I recommend Debra for women who want a strong and encouraging woman to stand with them as they pursue their dreams."


Sarah R., University Instructor and Autism Consultant

If you would like a


Complimentary Clarity Call with Debra,

please book it via Debra's Calendar  

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