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Reducing Stress and Overwhelm/Handling Fears & Limiting Beliefs/Getting Unstuck Professionally or Personally/Increasing Confidence/Creating Freedom & Joy/Transitioning from the Corporate World to being an Entrepreneur/Creating a Practical Business Plan/Increasing your Intuitive Abilities/Making a Greater Impact in your Community and the World

Creativing is a highly effective coaching approach for female executives and entrepreneurs who look confident on the outside, yet are struggling with doubt and overwhelm on the inside.  These women desire to live a life of joy and inner peace. 

Creativing also works with female professionals who are in a corporate setting who desire the freedom of having their own business to be fully expressed in their area of expertise. Creativing has special three-month and six-month packages to get these professionals up and running in their entrepreneurial career.  


The Creativing process was developed by Debra Valentina, a coaching trailblazer, who gently guides the release of fears and limiting beliefs to overcome doubts and overwhelm to manifest one's deepest desires. 

The Creativing Approach...

...Provides a structure and accountability for transformation and authentic success

...Leaves you with clarity  regarding you next action steps

...Affords you a sense of expansion and liberation


The process involves five VITAL steps that will empower you to discover what ignites your soul:

  • Visioning and creating your core Essence Statement - a unique  process created by Debra Valentina

  • Initiating an exploration which builds on your innate wisdom

  • Taking the opportunity to investigate new options

  • Allowing the next steps to emerge

  • Letting the new path manifest with ease

What does the process look like?

  • Creating your Essence Statement to gain clarity on your unique core essence

  • One on one coaching sessions held weekly or biweekly

  • Practices and "homeplay" given between sessions, tailored to your specific needs, that pave the way for transformational results 

If you would like a 30-minute free Clarity Call with Debra, please send a request via the Contact Page and we will set up a call.    

"By working with Debra, I realized I can do anything I intend to do! During a very challenging time in my life, she was always there to support me to rise above my circumstances and manifest what was in my highest good. Debra has a lighthearted and nurturing coaching style and she helped me to shine a light on my strengths as I co-created my desires with the Universe. I recommend Debra for women who want a strong and encouraging woman to stand with them as they pursue their dreams."

 -Sarah Razzano, University Instructor and Autism Coach/Consultant

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