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Nonfiction Book Development  Coaching and Memoir Courses

Do you have a nonfiction book or memoir bubbling up inside that you have a strong desire to write?

Do you want guidance on how to complete your book with velocity and ease?

Would you like to experience writing joyfully with expert mentoring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Creativing Book Development Coaching
 is for you!

Debra Valentina is an international bestselling author who is highly intuitive, grounded, and an encouraging sounding board who collaborates and empowers you, the author, to write your book clearly, joyfully, and with ease!

She wrote the full drafts of her first book in two weeks, her second book in a weekend, and her third book in a day and a half.  She knows how to help you write your book expeditiously!   

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The Process

Debra provides one on one book development coaching -her fast-track process will take six weeks to six months.  Debra also hosts writing retreats in beautiful San Diego, California and online 6-week Memoir Playshops. 

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"My intention for Debra's memoir writing class was to complete my memoir in six weeks and I did! I had never written a book before. Her gentle giudance and editing skills made it easy to stay in the flow of writing. I highly recommend her Writing Playshop for novice writers as well as more seasoned authors. I was very impressed and would like to take another course with Debra."

Sue B., Professional Editor

"I am so glad I took Debra's Writing Course. I wanted to hone my writing skills and Debra acted as the perfect guide to help me achieve that goal. Debra makes learning fun and easy. If you are looking for a coach to make your writing shine, your book a reality, or your memoir come alive, I highly recommend Debra's coaching."

Marilyn S., Intuiitve Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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