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Debra Featured

Debra Valentina shares her wisdom and insights as a guest on a variety of upbeat
TV & radio stations and podcasts!  

Silver Lining Conversations
with Tracey Ehman


The Power of Encouragement

with Debra Valentina (2/9/22)

Debra shares about why encouragement for yourself and others is so important!

3rd Eye
with Lorelei


Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, and the Rise of Women 

with Debra Valentina (2/5/22)

Debra shares about guiding women to find their purpose as entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Women Speakers Association TV

with Laura Rubinstein

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.33.12 AM.png

Optimizing Your Mindset 

with Debra Valentina (1/20/22)

Debra shares her practical tips on optimizing your mindset!

Bursting with Happiness
with Lisa White


Break Through your Victim Mentality

with Debra Valentina (11/09/21)

Debra shares her top three "joy qualities" on how to do this!

Living to 100 Club
with Joseph Casciani, PhD.


The Top Three Attributes

to Cultivate Healthy Aging

with Debra Valentina (11/11/21)

Debra shares what traits are associated with healthy, positive aging.

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