Debra Featured

Debra Valentina shares her wisdom and insights as a guest on a variety of upbeat radio stations and podcasts!  

UK Health Radio
with JJ Stenhouse

How to Thrive in Adulthood

with Debra Valentina (7/23/21)


Debra shares her top five attributes for creating a thriving and joyful life!

Live Blissed Out

with Marisa Huston

Cultivate Your Journey to Joy

with Debra Valentina (3/2/21)


Debra shares her definition of joy and chats about the potent attributes of curiosity, intuition, and taking risks.

Women Speakers Association TV

with Laura Rubinstein

square WSATV.png

Change Starts Within featuring

Debra Valentina (Facebook Live 1/14/21)

Debra chats about how to create a trusting relationship with your intuition in order to receive daily guidance for your highest good.

Women's Voices

with Teena Evert

How to Trust Your Intuition and Make the Right Decisions (10/25/20)

Debra shares powerful tools on how to connect with your "Knowingness" aka Intuitive Guidance and align with your values.


Women Developing Brilliance

with Kc Rossi

Beyond Chaos: Journey to Freedom and Joy (9/9/20)

Debra shares her business and personal wisdom and her own journey to freedom and joy.


Spiritual Straight Talk 

with Suzanne Thibault

The Gift of Trusting Your Intuition featuring Debra Valentina (8/4/20)

Debra talks about the gift of trusting your intuition to create a life of freedom and joy and she shares some practical tools to develop your own intuition.


The Femininja Project

with Cheryl Ilov

Out of Chaos Comes Clarity

Debra shares many secrets to finding peace and joy in life, respecting your inner truth, and the power of lifelong learning.


Women Seeking Wholeness

with Cherie Burton

It's Never Too Late to Redefine Yourself (8/5/20)

Debra shares her insights about the "Imposter Syndrome" that many women suffer from, as well as, her wisdom regarding claiming your personal freedom and unique mission.

Flaunt! Build Your Dreams,

Live Your Sparkle!

with Lora Cheadle

Finding the Lesson in the Drama (8/20/20)

Debra shares her philosophy of finding the learning in whatever shows up in your life!