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Are you....
An aspiring or published author who desires to make your nonfiction book or memoir an invaluable asset for your ideal audience? 
A heart-centered female professional in the process of making a life or career transition who wants it to be easeful and graceful? 
An innovative leadership team who would like to expand to the next level and/or update your vision, mission, and values with a unique and effective retreat process? 
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If you answered yes to any of these questions,
you are on the right site!

A lighthearted guide who allows your


Debra Valentina models and empowers you to align all the important aspects of your life and to discover what truly ignites your soul.


Debra gently guides you to release your fears and limiting beliefs to magnetize and manifest

own inner wisdom to emerge,
what you most desire!

Discover Your Greatest Self through Debra's

seasoned coaching skills and highly developed intuition. 

Debra has been a life transitions and book development coach, international bestselling author, leadership team retreat facilitator, and course instructor for over 35 years. Debra's coaching, facilitating, and teaching practice is grounded by the depth and breadth of her real-world experiences and highly developed intuition.

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...Guides you from doubt and overwhelm to clarity

...Provides a structure for success and liberation

...Leaves you with inspiration and vitality

...And comes with a promise that you will experience lots of joy and exhilaration in the process!

"Debra's personalized approach to fit the unique needs of her clients is exceptional. She takes the time to understand her client's individual goals and challenges, ensuring that every session is impactful and relevant. With her expertise, passion, holistic approach, support, and encouragement, I have seen tangible improvements in my productivity, confidence, and overall sense of well-being. Debra's enthusiasm, empathy, and unwavering commitment to growth inspire me as she genuinely cares about my progress and success. Debra's coaching is a game-changer for any woman looking to achieve professional and personal excellence.

Noor Y., Data Analyst and Business Owner


"Working with Debra, I have received greater clarity and confidence around the choices I'm making, both professionally and personally. What I appreciate about Debra is the strong intuition that she taps into throughout the sessions. She stays focused on the client's challenges, as well as the other important issues that the client may not realize she has. Debra is an expert at pacing the session so that a lot is discussed and the client leaves with tangible actions to take." 

Virginia B., Retirement Coach and Conscious Aging Facilitator

Debra partners with and supports female professionals in a life transition (career, divorce or other relationship changes, moving to a new location, retirement, etc.) who desire to do so easefully and gracefully. She empowers her clients to move forward in creating more freedom, joy, and peace by using creative tools and calming their mind chatter by connecting to their intuitive guidance.

"Debra has become an invaluable guide for me. Her gift of intuition is reliably accurate and she always brings in just the right pieces of wisdom and guidance for a given situation. Her guidance is clear, gentle, powerful, and accurate."
Sydney C., Inner-work Facilitator, Healer    

Easeful Life Transitions

Collaborative Dreaming (Innovative Leadership Team Retreats)

Coaching Services

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