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Are you....
A soulful entrepreneur, healthcare executive, or coach/consultant who wants to experience more joy and inner peace in her life while contributing her gifts and special talents to make a difference? 
A service professional or coach/consultant who desires to establish or expand her practice with velocity, ease, and enthusiasm? 
An aspiring female author who desires to make her book a valuable asset
for her ideal audience?
If you answered yes to any of these questions,
you are on the right site!

A lighthearted guide who allows your


Debra Valentina models for you and empowers you to align all the important aspects of your life and to discover what truly ignites your soul.


Debra gently guides you to release your fears and limiting beliefs to magnetize and manifest

own inner wisdom to emerge,
what you most desire!

Discover Your Greatest Self through Debra's

expert and intuitive 


Debra has been a holistic business and writing coach, international best-selling author, workshop facilitator, and personal development speaker for over 30 years. Debra's coaching practice is grounded by the depth and breadth of her real-world experiences and highly developed intuition.

Debra Valentina Dec 2019-3.jpg

The Creativing



...Guides you from doubt and overwhelm to clarity

...Provides a structure for success and liberation

...Leaves you with inspiration and vitality

...And comes with a promise that you will experience lots of joy and exhilaration in the process!

"Thank you, Debra, for your insight, perception, wisdom, and guidance.  I really enjoy our work together and look forward to my ongoing discovery process!"

Sarah N. | Leadership Development | Change Management Consultant

Debra Valentina partners with and supports soulful female entrepreneurs and healthcare executives who desire to expand to their next personal and professional level or who want to establish or expand their own business/practice.  Debra empowers these women to move forward in creating freedom, joy, and influence by taming their mind chatter and connecting to their intuitive guidance.     

Coloring the World Your Way

Creativing Programs

Coaching and Writing Services

Inspirational Speaking

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